How to Exercise While Doing Household Chores

If you want to take it easy…

Dusting is the most straightforward task at home. But if you take it to the next level, say, dusting some whatnots that need moving and high shelves, you can burn 50 calories in 30 minutes. The job also allows you to stretch your arms and legs as you reach for every nook and cranny. Who knew dusting could be a form of exercise?

woman dusting furniture silhouette

Another way to burn calories the “easy way” is by ironing clothes. This is like doing weights in a gym. Though it only works out your upper body, ironing can burn 71 calories in 30 minutes. When you press down to straighten the clothes, the muscles of your arms will be forced to endure the repetitive task of going back and forth. It works better if you switch hands regularly; instead of using only one hand. This would make the exercise even for both arms, so your dominant hand won’t end up bigger than the non-dominant. After all, that’s not pleasing to look at.

vacuum cleanerWhat about vacuuming the entire house? Doing this chore for 30 minutes will burn 90 calories. Like ironing, it also exercises your arms, but it’s more vigorous. Break a sweat with your vacuum cleaner today!

If you mean serious business…

If you want to take exercise at home seriously, you’re going to love the following household duties.

Washing your car with a pressure washer for 30 minutes can help you burn 143 calories. Instead of taking your car to a car wash, why don’t you do it yourself and burn some unwanted fats? It will work out your abdominal muscles and arms, plus, you’ll be more satisfied with the result. Just remember to take care of your pressure washer. Performing maintenance on your pressure washer is necessary.

bathroomScrub the bath for 30 minutes and burn 200 calories! Remove the tidewater marks on your bath might be a disgusting chore, but it sure is obligatory. You can’t run away from this, so why not think of the advantage it’ll give you instead? A clean bath is more pleasing to look at. Plus, scrubbing will work your triceps and biceps out.

Go digging! Not a dead body, silly! I meant dig for your garden. Doing so for 30 minutes can help you burn 330 calories. Gardening involves other repetitive tasks like weeding and planting, which exercises your upper arm muscles. It can even work out your calf and thigh muscles if you stand once in a while.

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