5 Exercises That Fit into Your Busy Schedule


Citing lack of time for exercise is not necessarily an excuse given by people who do not want to do it. Most of the time, busy schedules do get in the way of people’s intentions to stick to a workout plan. While others seem to be quite adept at work-life balance, many are still struggling at achieving it. Sticking to an exercise routine may be a challenge. But thankfully, it is doable with some fairly simple steps. Regardless of how busy life may get, here are some of the things you can do to stay active every day.

Walking. The great thing about walking is that you can easily fit it in your schedule at any time. You can use short breaks of fifteen minutes or more to stretch your muscle by walking around at home or at work. If you want, you may even step out and enjoy a stroll outside for a few minutes. This is a good exercise not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. Walking can clear your mind, spark creativity, and boost your mood. These benefits alone not to mention the workout you get from it should be enough reason to indulge on daily walks.

Jumping rope. This is another workout that fits right in to whatever limited schedule you have. It is a no-frills workout that does not require much space. You can also easily stash the jumping rope in your bag or in your carry on if you are traveling. It is fun to do and fifteen minutes of quality time with it should give you the exercise you need.

HIIT workouts. High intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts will give you an intense cardio workout at less time. It helps in building your stamina. There are several ways to do HIIT training and most of them you can do even in small spaces. You can ask for a suitable training plan from a fitness professional and you should be able to see the results if you stick to whatever program you follow.

Push-ups. If you want a bodyweight workout, you can work on your push-ups every day. You can do make it part of your early morning routine or your end-of-day exercise. Doing it properly is not easy in the beginning. But you can always start with the easier versions. You can start with some wall push-ups then move on to the full push-up position once you have developed the strength to do it correctly.

Stair climbing. Stair climbing is another exercise that you can squeeze in to your daily routines. You can make it a habit to opt for the stairs instead of using escalators and lifts. Imagine the exercise you could get by just doing this every time you have to go up and down the building. It may not be as fast or convenient as using the elevator, but it gets you moving.

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